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dr. A.G.G. (Ton) Groothuis

Profielfoto van dr. A.G.G. (Ton) Groothuis

List of current projects (October 2011) carried out in my lab


Development and function of lateralization in fish and humans: PhD student Sara Schaafsma


Maternal androgens and lateralization in the chicken: PhD student Kristina Pfannkuche


Effects of hormone mediated maternal stress on offspring quail: PhD student Rie Henriksen


Effects of pre-and postnatal steroids on sibling competition: kittiwakes, gulls and pigeons: PhD student Martina Muller.


Maternal effects and the development of personality in the rat: PhD student Giulia Gracceva.


Maternal hormones and sex ratio manipulation in the chicken: PhD student Aamir Aslam


Maternal androgens and the development of feather pecking: Post Doc Bernd Riedstra and PhD student Elske de Haas


Maternal androgens and sibling competition in rock pigeons: PhD student Bin-Yan Hsu.


Maternal androgens and masculinization in wild cavies: Post Doc Alzbeta Talarovicova


Testosterone and aging in the stickleback: PhD student Mirre Simons


The function of testosterone in females: studies in the blue tit: PhD student Berber de Jong


Developmental plasticity of colour vision and partner preference and its consequences for speciation: Post Doc: Martine Maan.


Human animal personality: quest researcher Nele Zickert.


Human lateralization: quest researcher Vincent Neddermeijer.


Endocrinology of maternal effects: quest researcher Ilse Weites and technician Bonnie de Vries


I participate in substantial projects on maternal effects in trout (univ. Glasgow, UK, prof. Metcalfe), quail (univ. Vienna, Dr. Rettenbacher), canaries (univ.Antwerp, Belgium, Dr. Mueller), and laying hens (univ Wageningen and Utrecht, NL) and on behavioural endocrinology of tropical weaver birds (univ. Exeter, UK, Dr. Young) and diamond doves and kestrels (univ. Parma, It., Dr. Casagrande). In addition I have a long list of smaller collaborative projects (see my list of publications).


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