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A longitudinal qualitative study to explore and optimize self-management in mild to end stage chronic kidney disease patients with limited health literacy: perspectives of patients and health care professionals

Alternative pediatric metabolic syndrome definitions impact prevalence estimates and socioeconomic gradients

Do Uncontrolled Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Obesity Mediate the Relationship Between Health Literacy and Chronic Kidney Disease Complications?

Food Literacy Is Associated With Adherence to a Mediterranean-Style Diet in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Health-Related Quality of Life Profiles in Dialyzed Patients With Varying Health Literacy. A Cross-Sectional Study on Slovak Haemodialyzed Population

Improving Health Literacy Responsiveness: A Randomized Study on the Uptake of Brochures on Doctor-Patient Communication in Primary Health Care Waiting Rooms

Low Health Literacy is Associated with the Onset of CKD during the Life Course

Predictors of persistent and changing developmental problems of preterm children

Socioeconomic Health Inequalities in Adolescent Metabolic Syndrome and Depression: No Mediation by Parental Depression and Parenting Style

Stability of Executive Functioning of Moderately-Late Preterm and Full-Term Born Children at Ages 11 and 19: The TRAILS Cohort Study

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