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Alternative pediatric metabolic syndrome definitions impact prevalence estimates and socioeconomic gradients

Food Literacy Is Associated With Adherence to a Mediterranean-Style Diet in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Low Health Literacy is Associated with the Onset of CKD during the Life Course

Predictors of persistent and changing developmental problems of preterm children

Stability of Executive Functioning of Moderately-Late Preterm and Full-Term Born Children at Ages 11 and 19: The TRAILS Cohort Study

Does Depression and Anxiety Mediate the Relation between Limited Health Literacy and Diet Non-Adherence?

Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Health Literacy Consultation Skills Training for Undergraduate Medical Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Health Literacy in the Everyday Lives of Older Adults in Greece, Hungary, and the Netherlands

How to tackle health literacy problems in chronic kidney disease patients?: A systematic review to identify promising intervention targets and strategies

Is BMI a Valid Indicator of Overweight and Obesity for Adolescents?

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