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Altered neurodevelopmental DNA methylation status after fetal growth restriction with brain-sparing

Antenatal Magnesium Sulfate and Preeclampsia Differentially Affect Neonatal Cerebral Oxygenation

Cerebral Autoregulation in Sick Infants: Current Insights

Fetal Brain-Sparing, Postnatal Cerebral Oxygenation, and Neurodevelopment at 4 Years of Age Following Fetal Growth Restriction

Perinatal tissue oxygenation and neurodevelopment in preterm and growth restricted infants

Prenatal Use of Sildenafil in Fetal Growth Restriction and Its Effect on Neonatal Tissue Oxygenation: A Retrospective Analysis of Hemodynamic Data From Participants of the Dutch STRIDER Trial

Postnatal Cerebral Hyperoxia Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Severe Retinopathy of Prematurity

The Effect of Maternal Antihypertensive Drugs on the Cerebral, Renal and Splanchnic Tissue Oxygen Extraction of Preterrn Neonates

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