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Research interests

In my work I apply state-of-the-art computational chemistry methods to address fundamental problems in physics. I carry out very accurate calculations of electronic structure and properties of heavy and unstable atoms and molecules and highly charged ions. These calculations are used to support the challenging spectroscopic experiments and precision measurements that search for signatures of physics beyond the Standard Model. Our method of choice is the relativistic coupled cluster, which is considered to be one of the most powerfull methods for treating heavy many-electron systems. 

Most of the work in my group is done in collaboration with local and foreign experimental groups who use our predictions to plan and interpret their experiments. For example, I am a member of the NL-eEDM collaboration (NWO XL grant), the aim of which is to measure the P,T-violating electric dipole moment of the electron in a beam of cold and slow BaF molecules.




CP -violation sensitivity of closed-shell radium-containing polyatomic molecular ions

Influence of source parameters on the longitudinal phase-space distribution of a pulsed cryogenic beam of barium fluoride molecules

Nuclear Charge Radii of Silicon Isotopes

Theoretical determination of the ionization potentials of CaF, SrF, and BaF

Chiral molecule candidates for trapped ion spectroscopy by ab initio calculations: From state preparation to parity violation

Investigating radioactive negative ion production via double electron capture

Large vibrationally induced parity violation effects in CHDBrI +

Novel spin-precession method for sensitive EDM searches

Radiative decay rate and branching fractions of MgF

State-specific ion mobilities of Lr+ (Z=103) in helium

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Opposites solve the mystery of matter

Lr - Vi må endre det periodiske system

First measurement of ionization potential casts light on ‘last’ actinide

New Measurements May Lead to Rearrangement of Periodic Table

Tvivl om to tunge grundstoffers korrekte placering i det periodiske system

Mystisk grundstof udfordrer det periodiske system

Hat Lawrencium die falsche Position im Periodensystem?

Exotický prvek lawrencium hledá své místo v periodické tabulce

Finding A Place For Exotic Elements In The Periodic Table

Erstes Ionisationspotenzial von Lawrencium gemessen

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