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Electronic Structure of Lr+ (Z = 103) from Ab Initio Calculations

Relativistic coupled cluster calculations of the electron affinity and ionization potential of Nh(113)

Theoretical study of properties of AcF

Toward Detection of the Molecular Parity Violation in Chiral Ru(acac)3and Os(acac)3

Ab initio calculations of the spectrum of lawrencium

A supersonic laser ablation beam source with narrow velocity spreads

Deceleration and Trapping of SrF Molecules

Electronic structure of Rf + ( Z = 104 ) from ab initio calculations

Ionization potentials and electron affinity of oganesson with relativistic coupled cluster method

Relativistic study of parity-violating nuclear spin-rotation tensors

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Lr - Vi må endre det periodiske system

First measurement of ionization potential casts light on ‘last’ actinide

New Measurements May Lead to Rearrangement of Periodic Table

Tvivl om to tunge grundstoffers korrekte placering i det periodiske system

Mystisk grundstof udfordrer det periodiske system

Hat Lawrencium die falsche Position im Periodensystem?

Exotický prvek lawrencium hledá své místo v periodické tabulce

Finding A Place For Exotic Elements In The Periodic Table

Erstes Ionisationspotenzial von Lawrencium gemessen

Measurements confirm position of lawrencium as final member of the actinide series

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