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Informality and aggregate labor productivity growth: Does ICT moderate the relationship?

The Falling Productivity in West Asian Arab Countries Since the 1980s: Causes, Consequences, and Cures

Sources of India's post-reform economic growth: An analysis based on India KLEMS database

Economic growth in India during 1950-2015: Nehruvian socialism to market capitalism

How to not miss a productivity revival once again

Industrialization in developing countries: is it related to poverty reduction?

Productivity and the pandemic: short-term disruptions and long-term implications: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on productivity dynamics by industry

An Analysis of Global Value Chain Incomes in Indian Industries

Manufacturing productivity in India: The role of foreign sourcing of inputs and domestic capacity building

Consumentenvertrouwen wereldwijd op hoog niveau

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Could services drive globalization in the post-COVID-19 world?

Intelligent Lockdown to Combat COVID-19: The Dutch Way


Which tech companies could get hit by COVID-19, and what should they watch out for?

Is the Trade Resurgence Sustainable?

What’s in Store for Emerging Markets?

Emerging Markets in 2017: Trends To Watch,

India’s Demonetization: Good Intentions, Bad Implementation?

Times of India

Interview with Abdul A. Erumban,

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