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How to find us dr. A.A. (Agna) Bartels-Velthuis

Research interests

Psychotic disorders

Auditory hallucinations in youth


Clinical, societal and personal recovery in schizophrenia spectrum disorders across time: States and annual transitions

Cognitive functioning throughout adulthood and illness stages in individuals with psychotic disorders and their unaffected siblings

Feasibility of a Manualized Mindful Yoga Intervention for Patients With Chronic Mood Disorders

Individualized prediction of three- and six-year outcomes of psychosis in a longitudinal multicenter study: a machine learning approach

Relationship between social cognition, general cognition, and risk for suicide in individuals with a psychotic disorder

The association between smoking behaviour, social cognition and social functioning in patients with a non-affective psychotic disorder: A prospective follow-up study

The association of cannabis use with quality of life and psychosocial functioning in psychosis

The Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences: Optimal cut-off scores for detecting individuals with a psychotic disorder

A mindful yoga intervention for young women with major depressive disorder: Design and baseline sample characteristics of a randomized controlled trial

Aggressive Behavior, Hostility, and Associated Care Needs in Patients With Psychotic Disorders: A 6-Year Follow-Up Study

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