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Target mission

Target is one of the largest ongoing public-private projects in the Netherlands in the area of large-scale data management and information systems. The project focuses on research and development of innovative intelligent information systems that can efficiently process data and extract information from extremely large and structurally diverse datasets. Based on the partnership of research institutions, local and global IT businesses, Target has set up an expertise center in Groningen for data management of (inter)national science projects in the area of astronomy, life sciences and artificial intelligence, as well as a number of innovative commercial applications in the field of information technologies. Target also manages and maintains the second largest academic computer center in the Netherlands hosted by the Donald Smits Center for Information Technology at the University of Groningen.


Information is power and we live at a time when our insatiable appetite for information has driven the development of easily accessible, low-cost data-capturing technology. Advancements in data storage technology allow us to accumulate impressive amounts of data on miniature devices, and yet many data warehouses are larger than a soccer field. Although the electronics and semiconductor industries have been able to follow Moore's law and roughlydouble the processing power every eighteen months, we seem to be facing a major challenge:how do we develop intelligent information systems that can manage, preserve and extract knowledge from the overwhelming flood of data efficiently, reliably and sustainably?

The main objective of the Target project is to design and implement the necessary technology that will create the intelligent information systems of tomorrow. Target partners collaborate on developing innovative solutions in the field of complex, data-intensive information systems.

The unique combination of broad technical expertise in data management, state of the art ICT infrastructure used for research and pilot projects, and the link to market demands through Target business partners create an environment, where Target bold ideas become IT applications, products and services. The Target consortium develops the technology that will ensure full integration of large-scale data processing, archiving and analysis, based on reliable workflows through a scalable and distributed storage and computing infrastructure. It is our strong conviction that this technology will play a crucial role in the future expansion and progress in e-science, e-commerce and e-governance.

The 21st century offers exciting new opportunities to learn how to control and manage the avalanche of data, turn it into valuable, and useful information, and ultimately use its power to create a better understanding of, and relationship with the world around. Target strives to be a leader in that global endeavour.

What can Target offer?

  • Cutting-edge research on extremely large databases and data management ininformation systems
  • State-of-the-art ICT scalable infrastructure
  • Scalable systems allowing flexible and sustainable growth of data-intensive projects in science and technology
  • An expertise center to support growing national & international IT enterprises
  • Novel IT solutions in the area of e-science, e-governance and e-commerce.

Target Expertise Center

Target has founded an expertise center within which

  • Interested scientific, commercial or governmental institutions can make use of the Target "know-how" and modern infrastructure to launch new projects or explore challenging concepts
  • Target partners collaborate on current projects and their knowledge bundling ultimately opens up new horizons for competitive novel Target applications
  • Academic research is application-driven and directly linked to advances in large-scale data management in diverse spheres of life
  • New knowledge, expertise and insight acquired in the process of running and expanding current Target projects will establish the Target expertise center as a front-runner in data management for future large national and international scientific projects in both public and private sectors
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