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Society/business Target Field Lab - Mining Big Data Projects and R&D

Sensor Networks

The Target Field Lab is developing a platform for the acquisition, storage and processing of sensor data. The initial users of this system will be current partners in the Target Field Lab, but use by other parties is intended, so we would already like to gather requirements from potential users. We show here an overview of the planned system and its functionality. In addition to it, the Target Field Lab already has some facilities which may be useful for sensor data as an interim solution.

Sensor Data Platform Requirements

The aim is to make a platform that is as generic as possible, so that many different projects can be supported. What is envisaged is a system that brings together various data streams, saves them safely and at the same time makes them quickly available for many users and applications. Because the data streams can become very large, the storage and processing capacity has to be able to grow as needed. Redundancy during the data acquisition is also important. If for example a machine fails, no information should be lost.

We will find solutions for the heterogeneous nature of sensor data, where there are few standards.

Figure 1 shows the five top level components we expect to make up the platform. Where appropriate these have been further into sub-components.

Figure 1: Expected components in the Sensor Data Platform
Figure 1: Expected components in the Sensor Data Platform


We have experience in four different topics: e-health, energy, transport and environmental measuring system.

Target Holding, together with the RUG, is busy in the application section. Developed projects, among others, are the monitoring of the road quality and improving the efficiency of water pipelines.

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