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Data Tracing - Open Science

Open Science

Both national and EU funding will increasingly require that all data products and their source data, also in very complex and big data systems, will be:

  • findable
  • accessible
  • interoperable
  • reusable
  • reproducible to some extent

This puts a big load on researchers, but also on publishers of research data. The basic technologies of the Target Field Lab has been obeying these criteria for more than 15 years. The Target Field Lab platform continues this and aims to further support and deploy these technologies for its clients.


Data Validation

Quality control and data validation are becoming an increasingly important aspect of big data collections, especially when machine learning is involved in processing the products.  

Facts and Fakes

The data lineage technologies of the Target Field Lab, in combination with machine learning, have a great potential to enable fact-tracing applications. The Field Lab hosts pilots to support publishers, editors and journalists from different media.

Last modified:03 April 2019 9.44 p.m.