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Powers of Two is out!!

01 July 2021

The book Powers of Two: The Information Universe (Springer-Nature 2021) by Edwin Valentijn and co-authors is finally out!

po2 cover
po2 cover

About the book Powers of Two:

What is the universe? Is our universe made of information? If so, can information be defined as the unit, the building block of our universe?

These are tantalizing questions which often emerge in fields like modern physics, life sciences, astronomy and especially in our today’s technology-driven society.

Powers of Two is the very first popular science book on the Information Universe, a unique expedition through the world and scales of information resembling the classic "powers of ten". As the powers of ten described the universe from microscopic to the cosmic length scales, the Powers of Two uses ever-increasing amounts of information. It starts from the creation of the very first bit at the Big Bang and the evolution of life, through 50 years of computational science, and finally into deep space, describing the information in black holes and even in the entire universe. All this to answer one question: Is everything Information?

Powers of Two is addressing this big question through the collaboration of different international experts like Erik Verlinde, Charley Lineweaver and Thanu Padmanabhan, who - in words and images – state that information lies at the very foundation of our understanding of the Universe.

Po2 Session of Talks

Prof. Valentijn is giving a session of lectures on his book, The Powers of Two: The Information Universe.

The first talk was given for the University of Naples Federico II: Machine Learning: Causality lost in translatio n.

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