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Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security are important topics within the Smart Buildings programme. To ensure the privacy of people and security of information, we have the following rules:

We use as little personal data as possible: Only when the use of personal data is really necessary, we will use the data. When personal data needs to be used a DPIA is executed and personal data is processed according to the rules to prevent privacy risks. The used personal data are recorded in the processing registers of our university. 

Products and services are ‘secure from design’: From the moment a product or service takes shape, security criteria are set up. Before the product or service is put into use, it is also tested by an expert to ensure that privacy and information security requirements are met. 

University data is and remains of the university: We, as a university, determine what can and cannot be done with our data.

University data is, whenever possible, stored indoors at the RUG: If this is not possible, an official agreement will be in place with the organization that stores the data. This ensures that the data is treated confidentially.

Everything we develop is managed: This ensures privacy and security of the product throughout the whole life-cycle. 

Data is only protected accessible for research: If researchers want to analyze data, this can only be done by making use of the protected Virtual Research Workspace. Also strict conditions must be met.

Last modified:15 May 2024 09.36 a.m.
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