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Making Climate Adaptation Happen

Governing Transformation Strategies for Climate Change
Lead educator

Hellen Dawo (PhD)


Campus Fryslan

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Learn the governance tools to respond to climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing governing bodies across the globe. In this course, you will be introduced to climate science, the societal effects of climate change, and the responses already available in the form of climate adaptation.

Identify why climate change adaptation is important

Adaptive governance is a term used to describe an approach to managing the uncertainty posed by rapid environmental changes in a more responsive manner than traditional modes of governance. As such, it could be a vital governance tool in the fight against climate change. Being able to nimbly react to fast-changing environmental crises requires certain skill-sets that many governing bodies currently lack.

Create a climate change adaptation plan

Learning alongside experts in governance and adaptation strategies, you’ll examine the science behind climate change, exploring the terminology and facts behind what it is and how we adapt to it. You’ll summarise the development of the current architecture of global governance for dealing with climate change.

Making climate adaptation happen

Differentiate climate change adaptation and mitigation policies

Exploring the costs and benefits of climate adaptation versus climate mitigation, you’ll identify the governance and social science theories that can help tackle environmental change, and the role international climate finance can play.

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