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Society/business Knowledge and learning Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

Multilingual Practices: Tackling Challenges and Creating Opportunities

Lead educator Joana Duarte
Department Minorities and Multilingualism | Frisian language and culture
Launch date

Join us 22 March 2021!

Investigate the role of multilingualism in society by the Department of Frisian Language and Culture and Campus Fryslân.

The main aim of this four-week interactive course is to deepen your understanding of the most important aspects of societal and individual multilingualism. Examples of the topics the course will be tackling are: what language ideologies arise in multilingual societies? How does multilingualism change the urban scenery around us? To what extent do families transmit their multiple languages to the following generations? What are the benefits and challenges of multilingual education? And what are recent trends in policy-making around multilingualism?

Find out more about Multilingual Practices on the FutureLearn website and follow #FLmultilingualism on Twitter

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