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Wortmann Group


prof. dr. ir. J.C. (Hans) Wortmann


Topics of interest: ICT innovation in Energy

Approach: software-as-a-service


Hans Wortmann, Professor of Information Management

S. Sibum, PhD candidate

Jefta van Vliet, PhD candidate


FlexiGrid: intelligent grids in Gas, in connection to electricity, a project funded by Energy Delta Gas Research (EDGaR), investigates the core idea that gas and electricity are linked. Gas and electricity are similar, but not the same. Electricity, which cannot be stored, lacks the flexibility to eliminate unbalance in demand and supply. Yet gas provide such flexibility, both at the high end (where electricity plants based on gas can be switched on and off more easily than plants using other fuels), and at the low end, where gas is a source of flexibility via co-generation. This project is pursued in collaboration with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

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