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Meijer Group


prof. dr. H.A.J. (Harro A J) Meijer


Topics of interest: high-accuracy measurement of isotopes, climate change, greenhouse gases, isotope physics

Approach: isotopes physics


Professor Meijer is involved in a number of ways with the relationship between energy use, CO2 and climate change research .

Charlotte van Leeuwen , PhD candidate

V. Faghihi, PhD candidate

Marietta de Rooij, PhD candidate

F.J. Landsberg, PhD candidate

Ingrid Luijkx, PhD, project on emissions completed

Sander van der Laan, PhD, project on emmissions completed


Monitoring of possible leakage of CO2 at subsurface storage sites, a PhD project pursued by van Leeuwen and supervised by Meijer.

Ultra-Sensitive Trace Gas Detection with Applications in Ecology and Ice-core Research, a PhD project pursued by Fagihi and supervised by Meijer, in collaboration with the University of Grenoble.

Continuous on-line water isotope measurements in Antarctica, a PhD project pusued by Landsberg, supervised by Meijer. Dr D. Romanini is also a collaborator on this project, which is financed by NWO'polar programme.

Research on the Global Carbon Cycle. The isotopes of the atmospheric greenhouse gas CO2 offer the possibility (together with concentration measurements of CO2 and oxygen) to follow the natural cycle of carbon on Earth and the anthropogenic (human) influences on this cycle. Much of this work is being financed by the EC in the frame work of the Kyoto agreement on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Paleaoclimatology. Nature has "archived" the history of Earth's past climate in a number of ways. The two archives that the CIO is actively studying are the Greenland and Antartica ice caps (a hundreds of thousand years old precipitation archive, in which the isotopes of water contain the information on the previous climate), and peat bogs from Europe and elsewhere (in which the plant debris provide information on the past climate, and its age is determined with the so-called C-14 method).

Metrology of AMS radiocarbon dating, PhD project pursued by Marietta de Rooij, and supervised by Meijer and van der Plicht.

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