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Groningen Centre of Energy Law


Groningen Centre of Energy Law


Topics of interest:

Trans-national offshore electricity networks, international wind power interconnection, offshore treaties

Approach: Energy law


Martha Roggenkamp, Professor of Energy Law

Olivia Woolley , postdoc

Hannah K. Müller, PhD candidate

Nichola Cho, PhD candidate


Market and Regulatory Aspects of Trans-National Offshore Electricity Networks for Wind Power Interconnection, in collaboration with TU Delft and funded by NWO Energy Transitions. The project will examine different scenarios for offshore electricity transmission (ranging from direct offshore wind farm to shore connections to a mutilateral transboundary offshore grid) from legal, technical and market perspectives. The project's objective is to provide policy-makers with insights into different possibilities for a North Sea offshore grid and their pros and cons. The research will also make recommendations on an optimal soultion for grid development both from legal and technical perspectives.

The development of offshore energy projects: Is there need for an offshore energy treaty? A PhD project funded by Nord Stream and conducted by Nichola Cho, under the supervision of professor Roggenkamp.

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