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IP & Business Development

Knowledge Transfer Office

The IP & Business Development team focuses on strengthening the societal impact of the research of the University of Groningen and on stimulating entrepreneurship.

We provide support in public-private partnerships.

The IP & Business Development team supports the project and idea development phase, assist with consortium formation by searching for regional partners and engaging new relations. We coordinate and align research agendas with national and regional programs and innovation strategies. Our focus is on connecting with all conceivable partners in the Northern Netherlands, North West Germany (from our branch office in Papenburg UGNWG ) and the European North Sea countries.

Examples of public-private research projects can be found at research collaborations.

We facilitate researchers in the field of intellectual property.

Patents are often essential to enable further development of promising research of the University of Groningen. We have a joint UG/UMCG patent policy and provide support in patent applications, commercialization of research of the university (IP-licensing or IP-transfer) and offer advice in the creation of start-up companies.


Visitors/postal address Kadijk 4
9747 AT Groningen
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Contact details
Tel. 050 363 5459

We work in close collaboration with Funding Team, the Faculty Funding Officers, the legal department ABJZ of the University of Groningen and the Center for Development and Innovation and the legal/contract support desk of the UMCG.

Northern Knowledge

The IP & Business Development team is part of the UG/UMCG/Hanze UAS knowledge dissemination centre Northern Knowledge (director Annemieke Galema ) and is a merger of the former Valorisation team (R&V) of the University of Groningen and the Stichting Business Generator Groningen (SBGG).

Employees IP & Business Development team and their expertise

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

ir. J.J.W. (Joost) Breukink+31 50 36 35459Patent Attorney
dr. F. (Fiorella) Brustolin+31 6 1142 3267Regional Funding Officer
mr. S.R. (Bas) van Dijk+31 50 36 35439Lawyer
ir. H.J. (René) Finkers+31 50 36 37485Advisor Contract Research and Project Development
dr. J.B.E. (Annemieke) Galema+31 50 36 35565Director Northern Knowledge University of Groningen
drs. M.E. (Ellen) Hoekstra+31 50 36 35459Executive secretary
mr. L. (Linda) Hofkamp+31 50 36 33206Valorization & IP-Lawyer
drs. P.R. (Peter) van Kampen+31 50 36 34362Deputy director UGNWG
dr. A.B.M. (Ton) Linssen+31 50 36 38442Patent information specialist
W. (Wiebe) Lise+31 50 36 37873project controller
drs. C.S.W. (Corina) Prent+31 6 2292 6660Director RUG Holding B.V./Senior Business Development Manager
drs. F.R.H. (Franck) Smit+31 50 36 35459senior adviser and project manager at Northern Knowledge
dr. V.I. Stoica+31 50 36 34619Business Development Manager
A. (Anneke) Toxopeus+31 50 36 32629Assistant Patent Manager
ir. C. Verger, MSc+31 50 36 32812
dr. G.H. (Greetje) Vos-Scheperkeuter+31 50 36 37441Patent manager - Northern Knowledge
dr. F.H. Wijbenga+31 50 36 32811
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