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High Performance Computing cluster


In 2023, the Peregrine cluster will be replaced by a new cluster named Hábrók. In Norse mythology, Hábrók is described as the best hawk. This is to emphasize that the system is an improved version of the existing Peregrine cluster.

Specifications Hábrók

  • 119 computers with 128 cores and 512 GB memory. These systems are specially tailored for data-intensive tasks;
  • 24 computers with 128 cores, 512 GB memory and a super fast, low latency interconnect. These systems are suitable for large-scale processing of multiple computers;
  • 4 nodes with 80 cores and 4 TB of memory for memory-intensive tasks;
  • 6 nodes with 64 cores, 512 GB memory and 4 Nvidia A100 cards with 40 GB memory each. These can, for example, accelerate machine learning;
  • 2PB shared storage for data to be processed on or generated by the cluster.

HPC courses and training

Beginner courses and courses for advanced users are regularly organized. In the course overview of the Corporate Academy you will find more information about all training courses offered by the CIT.

Maintenance and problems

For a list of planned maintenance and current problems have a look at the status page.

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