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Courses & workshops

The best way to learn how to work with spatial data is to practice with GIS yourself! Several self study courses are available for ArcGIS(Pro) and QGIS. In addition we offer personalized support for your research project with GIS. This autumn we will extend our course catalog with some extra courses. 

Story Mapping for PhD students

Most PhD. Students have a lot of knowledge and data on their research subjects. In this course we learn and help you to build a visual story based on scientific research. With storymapping you can give your narrative a stronger sense of place, simply illustrate relationships between places and add visual examples such as photo’s of video’s to your ideas. Join us on the 17th of March 2023 from 13:00 until 17:00!

Geodienst Courses

Course Making Maps
  • Making Maps with QGIS (on request)
  • Making Maps prettier (on request)
  • Finding your way in open Dutch geodata (on request)
  • Geocoaching: personalized mapping
    (on request)
  • Open science with Story Maps
    (on request)

Self Study

Mini Lecture

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