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UWP data storage

The Windows University Workplace or UWP is a standard IT-workplace for university staff.

Files on your pc

Files that are saved on the C:\ or D:\ drive of your RUG-pc, UWP or UFC-User- managed are your own responsibility. These files are not back-upped by the CIT!

Your data on the network

X:\ is for personal data

X:\ is your personal homedrive on the network. Nobody else has access here.
Y:\ is for (work)group data

Files of your group or department can be found at Y:\

Restoring files from the back-up

All files on the network (X:\ and Y:\) are backed up on a daily base. The servicedesk can restore deleted files up to 90 days or 6 versions after deletion. Data on low-cost storage is available for restore for 60 days or 2 versions after deletion. If you want data restored, contact the servicedesk. They will ask the name and location of the file(s) to be restored and the date that is last in place.

Last modified:06 February 2023 6.06 p.m.
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