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Edit, save and send data

If you want to store research data, it is good practice to ask yourself some questions:

  • How big is my dataset at the end of my research?
  • Do i want to collaborate on the data?
  • How confidential is my data?
  • How do I make sure I do not loose my data?

For storing data, the CIT offers several possibilities. For large-scale projects with petabytes of data, there are possibilities within the Target project.

For small data sets to be stored and backed up on the x: and y: drives every University employee has these options.

For datasets that should be shared with students or with external research partners Unishare is an option.

With the SURF Filesender service you can send big secure data files up to 500 GB.

Last modified:16 April 2024 1.19 p.m.
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