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Postscipt features

       program ps_kom

c This program demonstrates:
c - special PS routines for PostScript (PS_...)
c - PostScript fonts
c - formula with subscripts
c - Greek characters

       dimension x(10), y(10)


c PostScript font definition:
       call FONT_SWITCH_CHARACTER ('$')
c Times-Roman is default font
       call PS_DEFINE_FONT('A','Times-Roman')
       call PS_DEFINE_FONT('B','Helvetica')
       call PS_DEFINE_FONT('C','Symbol')

c back ground, with gray value 0.95 ( 0 = black, 1 = white)
       call PS_BACKGROUND(0.95)

       call GRIDLINES(1,1)
c gridlines linewidth in cm, gray value (lw, gv):
       call PS_GRID_ATTRIBUTES(0.04, 1.0)
       call SUPPRESS_TICKS(1,1)
       call SUPPRESS_AXISLINES(1,1)
       call CLIP_AT_AXES(1)
c frame lw, gv
       call PS_FRAME_ATTRIBUTES(0.04, .0)
c Axis labels  end title in font 'Helvetica'
c The axisnumbers iof a linear axis are plotted after the label, so the axisnumbers 
c are in font A (Times-Roman).
c (Axisnumbers and label of logarithmix axis must have same font Times Roman)

       call FRAME(10.,0.,10.,10.,0.,10.,
     + '$BXlab$A','$BYlab$A','$BPostScript features$A')

c line 1
       do 10 i=1, 10
10        y(i)=.1*i*i
c graph lw, gv
       call PS_GRAPH_ATTRIBUTES(.2,.5)
       call POLYLINE(' ',10,x,y)

c line 2
       do 20 i=1, 10
20        y(i)=.1*i*i+1.0
c graph lw, gv
       call PS_GRAPH_ATTRIBUTES(.1,.0)
c line style
       call LINE_STYLE_NR(2)
       call POLYLINE(' ',10,x,y)

c white rectangle, used as blanked-out area:
       x(1) = 1.
       y(1) = 1.
       x(2) = 6.
       y(2) = 1.
       x(3) = 6.
       y(3) = 4.
       x(4) = 1.
       y(4) = 4.
c define gray value= 1 for rectangle
       call PS_GRAPH_ATTRIBUTES(0.02, 1.)
       call PS_FILL_AREA(' ', 4,x,y)

c define gray value = 0 for text:
       call PS_GRAPH_ATTRIBUTES(0.02,0.)

c formula with subscripts (Times-Roman)
       call GSTRNG(2.,3.,-.4,0.,'C')
       call GSTRNG(999.,2.9,-.3,0.,'2')
       call GSTRNG(999.,3.,-.4,0.,'H')
       call GSTRNG(999.,2.9,-.3,0.,'5')

c Greek characters (font=Symbol):
       call GSTRNG(2.,2.,-.3,0.,'$Ca$A = 1.0 , $CF$A = 2.0')

c call KOMPLOT with PostScript driver (50 = Encapsulated PS)
c      call KOMPLOT(40,'')
c prview with xv:
c      call system('xv')


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