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LINUX installation of KOMPLOT 8.2

The Komplot software consists of the following components:
  • library libkomfor.a with fortran 77 Komplot-routines, to be called from fortran 90.
  • library libkomc.a with C Komplot-routines + header file komplot.h
  • libkomf90.a with fortran 90 Komplot-routines, not part of standard installation procedure.
  • The postprocessor Komplot for the file KOMPLOT.TMP generated by the Komplot-routines. Komplot is called by the shell script komplot with parameters. Komplot calls komargs to read parameters. Komplot uses the file hershey_raf for the generation of character strokes (needed for the Tek(tronix) Mode.

Often Komplot is used to generate a PostScript file or an Encapsulated Postscript file. PostScript files can be viewed with ghostscript, ghostview or xv, which are not a part of Komplot.


Quick installation steps

  1. download linkom8.2.tar
  2. tar xvf linkom8.2.tar: untar in directory komplot8.2
  3. cd komplot8.2
  4. make: make all Komplot components in komplot8.2
  5. make test_komplot_c: test C KOMPLOT-routines. The PostScript file is made, which can be printed on a PostScript (compatible) printer.
  6. Use make test_komplot_c DEV=... to choose the plotfile type and the kind of PostScript view program ( ghostview, ghostscript or xv):
    • DEV=ps : Postscript plotfile
    • DEV=eps : Encapsulated plotfile plot.eps
    • DEV=psgv : PostScript plotfile + ghostview
    • DEV=psgs : PostScript plotfile + ghostscript
    • DEV=psxv : PostScript plotfile + xv
    • DEV=epsgv : Encapsulated PostScript plotfile plot.eps + ghostview
    • DEV=epsgs : Encapsulated PostScript plotfile plot.eps + ghostscript
    • DEV=epsxv : does not work ...
    Use Tek(tronix) Mode if you do not have a suitable PostScript viewer, or ask your systemmanager to install one.
  7. make test_komplot_f : test Fortran 77 Komplot-routines, see remarks of test_komplot_c.
  8. make demo_komplot_c : test all Komplot C-examples, use DEV parameter to choose the preview program e.g. DEV=psgv to use ghostscript. Compare them with the example graphs
  9. make demo_komplot_f : test all Komplot forthran-examples, use DEV parameter to choose the preview program e.g. DEV=psgv to use ghostscript. Compare them with the example graphs

Special installation steps


Steps 1-3 same as before but for the make commands in step 4 to 9 you can add parameters to move the Komplot components from the default ./ to special directories:
BINDIR = directory for KOMPLOT, komplot, komargs, hershey_raf
LIBDIR = directory for libkomc.a, libkomfor.a
INCDIR = directory for C header file komplot.h




make clean : remove all superfluous files


Other Platforms


The makefile-parameters for compiler names F, C (,F90) must be changed for use on others platforms like SGI, SUN, Cray,.... See comment in makefile. Some platforms need ranlib to make table of library. See comment starting with # MMMMMM in makefile.

Demo programs are available from the example page.


Fortran 90


Because most Linx distributions do not provide for Fortran 90, the above installation procedure does not use Fortran 90. If you want to use Fortran 90:
  • change the parameter F90 in the makefile
  • install the Fortran 90 library libkomf90.a with
    make $(LIBDIR)/libkomf90.a (.e.g. make ./libkomf90.a ) (Cray: make $(LIBDIR)/lib_cray_komf90.a)
  • make test_komplot_f90 (Cray: make test_cray_komplot_f90)
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