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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation

Basic graph


      PROGRAM komplot_1
      DIMENSION x(20),y(20)

c     call FRAME (xsize, xleft, xright, ysize, ylow, yhigh,
c    +            xlab, ylab, glab)

      call FRAME(10.,0.,10.,8.,0.,100.,
     +           'xlabel',
     +           'ylabel',
     +           'basic graph')

      do 10 i=1,20
  10  y(i)=i*i

c     call MARKERS (dlab, np, x, y, isym)
c NOTE clipping of markers at frame border
      call MARKERS ('Points of y = x*x', 20, x, y, 17)

c     call CURVE(dlab, np, x, y)
c NOTE clipping of curve at frame border
      call CURVE ('curve interpolated through points', 20,x,y )

c make PostScript file 
c     call KOMPLOT(40,'')
c     call system('xv') 


Last modified:02 October 2015 10.22 p.m.