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Martijn Kragtwijk


Unfortunately Martijn is no longer working at our University, but below is his page, he made in the beginning. He ended up doing a lot more than mentioned below.

Since september 2002, I am working as a "VR specialist" at the HPC&V group at the University of Groningen. HPC/V stands for "High-Performance Computing and Visualisiation", and I am mainly involved in the 'Visualisation' area. Below is a list of what I am (or have been) working on.

Past and current activities:

Architectural/Landscape visualisation:

- For the NAM (Nederlandse Aardgas Maatschappij) I have worked on their landscape visualisation software. The flythrough-navigation has been improved, and I have added functionality to move objects (e.g. drilling rigs) interactively in the scene.

- Right now, I am working on the visualisation of a to-be-built office building of a national insurance company. Both the exterior and the interior of the design will be interactively visualised in our Reality Theatre, to help in the decision-making process.

- Image based 3D art: "PanoramiXilinders in Beetsterzwaag" is an OpenGL program I wrote for Michiel Koelink, an artist from the Frank Mohr Institute. It lets you walk through a landscape which consists of high-resolution 360-degree panoramic photographs, which Michiel took in different dutch landscapes.

- Maya course at the Frank Mohr Institute.

- C++ programming course (by Frank Brokken).

- Before I moved to Groningen, I was employed at the 'Language, Knowledge and Interaction' group at the University of Twente, where I just finished my MSc. There I got into VR in the first place. My work there included VR interaction , VR & music, and even some 'Virtual Heritage'.

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