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Society/business Center for Information Technology Research and Innovation Support Virtual Reality and Visualisation

Guests at HPC/V

Current guests

  • Jerry Streutker,
    Jerry studies 'Bio-Informatica' at the Hanze-Hogeschool. For his internship at HPC/V, he works on molecular visualisation.
    'Even voorstellen...' (intranet, in Dutch).

Former guests

  • Ingeborg Veldman
    Created an interactive 3D version of the 'Academiegebouw'
  • Romke de Jong, afstudeerstudent Bedrijfskunde/ HBO-doorstroom, afstudeerrichting SB&E. Ontwikkelde een strategisch marketing plan voor het HPC/V.
  • L. Buist
  • S. Doornbos
  • dr. ir. B. Hess

    Berk Hess developed a VRML viewer for the Cube and the Reality Theatre.

  • G. Ziegler

    During his stay Gernot Ziegler worked on MPEG Z/Alpha, an extension to MPEG2 format that allows the storage of depth and transparency information together with "classic" MPEG2 video data.
    Applications are numerous; it extends from storage of prerendered 3D objects over 3D visualization of prerecorded scenes to the mixing of (prerendered or real world) 3D background with realtime 3D computer graphics.
    See for more information under Products->TexMPEG and Products->MPEG Z/Alpha on his Geofront homepage.

  • Harald Cruz Sanchez developed a tutorial for visualisation.

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