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How the Deen takeover is changing the supermarket map - an analysis by the Geodienst

news article Het Financieele Dagblad
20 December 2021

Earlier this year, the Deen family sold its supermarkets to Albert Heijn, DekaMarkt and Vomar. What are the consequences of the takeover for the 'supermarket map'? Het Financieele Dagblad asked the Geodienst (University of Groningen, Center for Information Technology) to find out.

For example, the Geodienst analyzed that the takeover is causing major shifts, especially locally. The Geodienst has calculated for how many households the supermarkets have changed after the takeover. They determined the distance to five nearest shops for all zip codes in the former Deen area, and linked each postcode to the number of houses.

The Geodienst processed the results into a number of maps and graphs. The new dataset is available on request for research and education.

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