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TIP students in Rotterdam introduced to geo-data

09 December 2022

On Tuesday 6 December, Rick Roodbergen and Peter Merx of the Geodienst gave a GEO masterclass to TIP (Talent Innovation Pool) Circular students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The TIP students in Rotterdam are taking 10 master classes over 20 weeks to broaden their perspective on the circular economy.

The Geodienst's visit was all about learning about the importance of geo-data in the circular economy and the first steps of working with geo-data. The Geodienst itself has extensive experience in intelligently finding, combining and visualising geo-data. Last month, for instance, the "Nieuwbouwmonitor" featured the Pointer TV programme on the increase in construction of recreational objects near Natura2000 areas. The Rotterdam students, whose background is in construction engineering and/or logistics, got to work with open-geo data in a small study of their own and were "unanimously surprised by the amount of data available and the possibilities of deploying it in both project and business perspective".

Peter Merx, Geodienst: "It is a challenge to introduce students without a geo background into the possibilities of geo in a short time. Thanks to the personal setting and commitment of the students, this was successful".

Rick Roodbergen, Geodienst: "For me, it was the first time I had the opportunity to give such a workshop, being a master student of Real Estate Studies myself. A very valuable and cool experience!".

A conclusion from one of the students: "There is much more data available than I thought, many more topics than I thought beforehand. Street specific data that you can't find in other channels. There is still so much data to link, and if you know it's there you can use it in research."

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