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Grant Visualization projects 2021

25 March 2021

As a result of the call for proposals Virtual Reality and 3D technology 2020-2021 of the Center for Information Technologie (CIT) , three applications have been honored.

The researchers of the awarded projects will receive 300 hours of development capacity and support from the visualization specialists of the CIT and a material budget of a maximum of € 7,500 from the XR hub.

Lightning Imaging with LOFAR - Faculty Science and Engineering

Prof. dr. Olaf Scholten
New techniques make it possible to visualize lightning with the LOFAR telescope, because with radio waves the lightning can already be observed in the clouds. Until recently, the time development of lightning could only be investigated in 2D. New 3D visualization techniques make it possible to 'walk in the flash' and examine it from different angles.

The Brothers of the Common Life 3D - Faculty of Arts

Dr. Margriet Hoogvliet
In this project a now demolished 15th-century house in Deventer will be reconstructed in a 3D visualization. Besides the exterior the interior will also be rebuilt. There will be a possibility to listen in VR to an audio fragment of a sermon or ask for advice with regard to spirituality, finding fulfillment and life questions. A number of preserved manuscripts can also be consulted.

Building Bounce Back (3B) - Faculty of Medical Sciences/UMCG

Dr. Catheleine van Driel
Stress resilience is important in many settings. For learning to apply management techniques and control stress reactions, a virtual stress resistance training will be developed: Building Bounce Back (3B). In a virtual job interview, users practice with a stress-related scenario. The primary goal is to investigate whether participants in a treatment can increase their trajectory stress resistance in a VR simulation. In addition, the VR simulation is used in the educational program for doctors in training to become psychiatrists (specialist, AIOS).

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