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5G Student Battle – 14 and 15 March 2020

Talking glasses, crowd-control drones... what 5G idea can you come up with?
13 December 2019

Following the huge success of the 2019 5G Student Battle, 5Groningen is organizing the second edition of this special hackaton in 2020! Six teams of vocational, university of applied sciences and university students will spend the weekend of 14 and 15 March using 5G to solve the problems of the future. This time, the students can choose from six themes that are linked to real organizations. For example, they can help devise 5G solutions for the Northern Netherlands police, public transport company Arriva or the Groningen care institutions, or in the fields of sustainable hydrogen cylinders, smart cities or sports.

Registration is open!

The 5G Student Battle will take place in the Energy Barn on the Zernike Campus and is organized by 5Groningen, an initiative of the Economic Board Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the University of Groningen, the Noorderpoort College and the Alfa College.

5G = the latest generation of mobile internet

5G is the successor of 4G. It is much faster than 4G, can transmit much more data, is more reliable and even ensures longer battery life. New applications such as virtual reality and the Internet of Things are enabled by the much faster data speeds of 5G. And thanks to 5G, the Internet of Things can connect many more devices with each other.

For whom?

The 5G Student Battle is intended for all students who are interested in the technology behind 5G, 5G solutions or the user side. This means it is not just for students of engineering programmes – the Battle is also relevant to students who are interested in design, business administration or entrepreneurship and in the use of new technologies. You can choose from the following themes: safety, mobility, care, sports, sustainability and smart city.


One team chosen by the expert jury wins a pair of VR goggles for each team member. In addition, during the final round the audience will divide € 5,000 among the participating teams. Each participant will receive an official certificate of participation. But the best prize of all, of course, is the experience that you gain as a student participating in this event. Each team is supported by a coach representing one of the 11 partners of 5Groningen, and you will meet national and international big shots in the fields of telecom and research.

Sign up!

Please sign up via before 17 January.

About 5Groningen

Economic Board Groningen initiated the 5Groningen programme to explore how 5G could create and accelerate new innovations. 5Groningen is transforming Northern Groningen into the ultimate testing ground for the latest generation of mobile internet. Businesses and non-profit organizations are joining forces with knowledge institutions, government bodies and experts in the field of telecom, to test 5G applications.

Collaboration between businesses and non-profit organizations
Collaboration between businesses and non-profit organizations
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