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Groningen OPEN live stream event

25 March 2021

Wednesday 7 April 2021

3.30 PM TO 5 PM

Digital, live stream

Six larger companies from the Northern Netherlands (Antea Group, Bossers & Cnossen, Boom publishers, Cosun Beet Company, Nijestee and Intergas) have formulated challenges to look for startups with innovative solutions. The goal of "Groningen OPEN" is for established companies and startups in the region to interact in an accessible and effective way.

On April 7, the time has come: the selected startups will present their solutions for the challenges provided by one of the the six larger companies. These companies then disclose which startups they will be working together in the coming weeks!

On Wednesday you can watch the event and get to know the startups and the companies that have formulated the challenges. Do you want to be part of this?


3.15 pm: Walk-in livestream

3.30 pm: Start of the program

 Welcome by host Suzan de Grijs

 Opening by Koen Schuiling, mayor of the Municipality of Groningen.

 Ronald Hesse of Campus Groningen tells briefly about the Groningen OPEN initiative.

 Conversation with Sieger Dijkstra from VNO-NCW and Emile Stuy from Anker Stuy Verven B.V about the importance of innovation by (SME) companies and cooperation with startups.

 Meet the bigger companies: Antea Group, Bossers & Cnossen, Boom publishers, Cosun Beet Company, Nijestee and Intergas.

 Pitches by the selected startups.

 Announcement of winning startups / matches!

 Preview of the collaboration between the larger companies and the startups. And on the next edition Groningen OPEN!

 5 pm Expected end

Groningen OPEN is a new project of Campus Groningen, VentureLab North, Founded in Groningen, Founded in Friesland, and Flinc (part of NV NOM).

Groningen OPEN is financially made possible by the Groningen Agreement.

Groningen OPEN for innovation logo
Groningen OPEN for innovation logo
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