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building bridges in Europe

IRRESISTIBLE brings Responsible Research and Innovation into the Classroom.

Science LinX is coordinating IRRESISTIBLE, a large European project with 13 partners from 11 countries. In each of these countries, a university works together with a science centre, and teachers, academics and teaching methodologists develop teaching modules in scientific topics.

The teaching modules are based on the investigative learning method, in which pupils are given the opportunity to conduct their own cutting-edge scientific research. The pupils then present their results in an exhibition and demonstrate how the results are relevant to society.

In September 2014, a workgroup comprising biology and chemistry teachers, academics and teaching methodologists was convened at Science LinX to develop a teaching module on Carbohydrates in Breast Milk. This module, for the upper years of senior general secondary education (havo) and pre-university education (VWO), will be tested in spring 2015 at the trial schools and will be available in school year 2015/2016. There will also be an alternative module for preparatory secondary vocational education (VMBO).

The 'Carbohydrates in Breast MIlk'' ' module can be used in biology and chemistry lessons and covers the topics Digestion, Microbiology, Immune System, Biochemistry and Process Chemistry. Teachers can decide themselves which topics they cover. They can also choose different modes of instruction: traditional class teaching, investigative learning, conducting experiments, debate/discussion or developing a scientific exhibition. On this page you can find more information about the module.

Cow in the Church
Cow in the Church

For more information, download the Irresistible flyer or visit the Irresistible website .

Final IRRESISTIBLE conference in Kiel
Date:18 October 2016

At the end of September, 42 teachers, 54 school pupils and 45 members of university and science centre staff from 10 European countries met in Kiel, Germany for the final conference of the European IRRESISTIBLE project.

Exhibition competition for Dutch schools
Date:14 June 2016

In academic year 2015-2016, various schools in the Netherlands participated in the IRRESISTIBLE project.

Science LinX looking for teachers to test innovative teaching modules
Date:14 April 2015

Science LinX is looking for teachers to test innovative teaching modules.

Project IRRESISTIBLE: teaching module trial at Lindecollege
Date:24 February 2015

Trial of teaching module on breast milk

Project IRRESISTIBLE: Workshop in Exhibit Design in Lisbon
Date:28 October 2014

Teachers travel to Lisbon for workshop in exhibit design.

Project IRRESISTIBLE kicks off in the Netherlands
Date:25 September 2014

First meeting of teachers in the Science LinX project IRRESISTIBLE.

Science LinX to bring together European researchers and pupils

EUR 2.5 million EU grant for Science LinX

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