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Science LinX is responsible for the maintenance of this website and does its utmost to provide reliable, correct and comprehensive information. Should you discover mistakes in spite of our efforts, please send an e-mail to sciencelinx[at]

The experiments described by Cogito ergo boom! which are published in the University newspaper can be hazardous to yourself, your housemates or your property. Specific hazards are described in the relevant episodes. However, accidents can always happen! Always pay careful attention, especially with electrical outlets during wet experiments and flammable items or highly flammable clothing during experiments with fire. If an experiment results in objects being launched into the air or down a corridor, make sure nobody in the vicinity accidentally steps into the firing line.

In other words: use your head when you do these experiments! Make sure you know what is going to happen before you start and watch the demonstration films to see what the effects of the experiment may be.

All these experiments are carried out at your own risk. The University Paper UK and Science LinX cannot be held responsible for fires, injuries or other damages resulting from carrying out the Science LinX experiments described in the Cogito ergo boom! features on the web and in the UK.

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