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Breaking: Groningen iGEM team makes final four in World Jamboree

05 November 2012
The Food Warden Team
The Food Warden Team

The University of Groningen team Food Warden, participating in the iGEM World Jamboree has made it to the finals, together with teams from LMU-Munick, Paris Bettancourt and Slovenia. The final presentations by the four teams are later this afternoon (Monday 5 November).

Previously, the Groningen team won the European Jamboree in Amsterdam, with their design of a bacteria that produces a colour-signal when it 'sniffs' spoiled meat.

More on the @iGEM or @sciencelinx twitterstream.

Food Warden in the finals
Food Warden in the finals

The Food Warden team takes the stage for their final presentation. Are those air warden hard hats?

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