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The English version of our online course on the revolutionary DNA-modification technique CRISPR-Cas is available now!

Molecular scissors, cutting-and-pasting with DNA, designer babies and 'Engineering Life', just a few terms and phrases that have become associated with the nobel-prize winning technique known as CRISPR-CAS9. But do you know exactly what CRISPR-Cas is capable of? And how the technique actually works? Which diseases could we potentially cure with CRISPR? And, possibly one of the most important questions, should we use CRISPR-Cas to its full potential? Should we for example allow the modification of embryonal DNA to prevent genetic disorders?

In association with the national DNA-dialogue and team iGem Groningen 2020 we have developed a two-part lessons series called 'Engineering Life' aimed at answering these questions. In these two lessons you will learn how CRISPR-CAS can be used to edit our DNA, to prevent diseases and delve into the question of whether we should.

Lesson 1 covers the basis in cell biology and genetics required to understand how CRISPR-Cas works and you will learn about the various potential applications of CRISPR-Cas.

Lesson 2 covers the ethical dillema's surrounding the medical use of CRISPR-CAS. You will dive into questions such as: "should we allow the modification of embryonal DNA to prevent life-threatening diseases?". Should we allow it of serious, but not life-threatening diseases? For cosmetic reasons? You will discuss these questions on the basis of Scenario's of 'The Netherlands in 2039' developed for the DNA-dialogue.

The lessons are designed for use in advanced stage HAVO/VWO classes. They can be used during Biology class, but are also interesting for civics class. Of course, they are free to use for anyone interested in the technique!

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