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Science LinX Society


Let's create!

Create like nature creates. Systematically yet organically.

Experience the complexity, diversity and beauty that can grow from the simplicity of one building block.

Build the greater whole, which is more than the sum of its parts. Like materials are more than a collection of molecules and living creatures more than a bunch of cells and DNA.

Two girls are playing with GEN.ERATE
©: Leoni von Ristok

Create order or chaos.
Together or on your own.
Everyone contributes in their own way.
GEN.ERATE continues to grow and change.
Always transforming, like nature.
And like in nature, every ending is the start of something new: you can always keep creating.

Book GEN.ERATE now for your activity or event.
Get playfully acquainted with a basic principle of science and technology.
Fun for group activities indoors and outdoors.

GEN.ERATE is a building system based on the creativity of life, especially designed for Science LinX. You can build together or on your own, whereby unexpected shapes can arise in a natural way.


Book GEN.ERATE by sending an email to by providing the following information:

-name organisation/school
-address organisation/school
-phone number
-which date(s) you would like to book GEN.ERATE

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