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ResearchZernike (ZIAM)Theoretical Chemistry

Group Meetings

Date Speaker Subject Time Room
July 25 Fatemah Barakat The doping effect on the electronic and optical properties of MoS2 monolayer 11:00 5118.0035
July 19 Xintao Feng (Bachelor research project) Investigation of the C=X bond nature in L2X=C=XL2 compounds with Valence Bond theory 16:00 5118.0035
July 18 Prof. Jürgen Gauss Toward the Exact Solution of the Electron Correlation Problem 11:00 5173.0149
July 12 Luis Itza Vazquez Salazar (Master thesis presentation) MARTINI coarse-grain modeling of imidazolium-based ionic liquids 10:30 5171.0415
July 03 Cees de Boer (Bachelor research project) Investigation of functionalities for the monomer diphenyl-BDT for the purpose of increased solar energy performance 10:00 5118.0035
June 27 Alexander Oleynichenko Relativistic Fock-Space Coupled Cluster Method for Model Spaces with Several Quasiparticles: Towards the Efficient Computer Implementation 11:00 5118.0035
June 20 Cristhian Sumba (Practice talk II) Theoretical study on the locked movement in a molecular motor 11:00 5118.0035
June 05 Cristhian Sumba (Practice talk I) Theoretical study on the locked movement in a molecular motor 16:00 5118.0035
May 23 Dr. Ralph Welsch Exact and Approximate Methodologies for Simulating Quantum Dynamics in Complex Chemical Systems 11:00 5118.0035
May 16 Luis Aguilar Singlet fission materials for enhancing solar cell efficiency: a theoretical study 11:00 5118.0035
April 30 Fernando Romeo Gella Theoretical Insights on Light-driven Rotary Molecular Motors 11:00 5118.0035
April 24 Maximilian Menger Surface Hopping within an Excitonic Picture 11:00 5118.0035
April 18 Riccardo Alessandri Polar Side Chain-Induced Disorder on Charge Carrier Energy Levels of Organic Semiconductors 11:00 5118.0035
April 4 Wouter Sipma (Master thesis presentation) Photochemical behaviour of Azobenzene Derivatives in Gas Phase - an electronic structure investigation 11:00 5118.0035
March 28 Sivasudhan Rathnachalam Exploring the excited-state dynamics of biomolecules 11:00 5118.0035

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