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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Research Zernike NanoLab Groningen

Zernike NanoLab Groningen


NanoLabNL is a national consortium with the central aim to build up, maintain and provide a coherent and accessible infrastructure for nanotechnological research and innovation in the Netherlands in general, and for the NanoImpuls, NanoNed, and NanoNextNL research programmes in particular.

Zernike NanoLab Groningen

The partners in NanoLab NL are

• Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials at the University of Groningen

• MESA+ at University of Twente

• Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University of Technology

• TNO Science & Industry ( Delft )

• Eindhoven University of Technology

• Philips Research Laboratories ( Eindhoven )*

(*) Philips Research is an associate partner, participating in NanoLab NL with regards to content but not in financial terms.

Please read the Rules and Rates for using the Zernike NanoLab Groningen facilities. For questions regarding the available equipment and technologies you may contact the Zernike NanoLab Groningen Coordinator.

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