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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Physics of nanodevices OptoSpintronics of Quantum Materials

OptoSpintronics of Quantum Materials

Modern ICT technologies are battling two fronts: the miniaturization of devices and the use of increasingly more energy-efficient processes. In our research, we aim to adress both fronteirs using fundamental physical phenomena in atomically-thin materials. We explore the interplay of light, spins and magnetism in nanostructures using magneto-optical (e.g. Kerr Rotation and Circular Dichroism) and electrical (spin-orbit torque) techniques to study how spins and magnetism behave in low-dimensional materials. For this we fabricate heterostructures composed of one or several van der Waals materials, and thin magnetic films.

We are looking for motivated master and bachelor students to join our group. If you are interested check the link on the left.

The images above are credited to Marcos Guimaraes, Jan Hidding and Cedric Cordero-Silis.