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Research Zernike (ZIAM) News Seminars

Francisco Martin-Martinez: Multiscale design of bio-inspired materials

When:Mo 01-04-2019 10:00 - 11:00

Designing materials with atomic precision from the molecular scale, requires a linked hierarchy of computational methods that simultaneously predicts phenomena and properties of a given system at several times and length scales. The resulting multiscale models and simulations provide a platform to understand structure-function relationships and to guide the experimental synthesis. From density functional theory calculations to full-atomistic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, I will discuss the practical implementation of multiscale modeling to design and develop bioinspired hierarchical materials for applications like soft robotics, aerospace or energy storage. I will discuss specific materials designs inspired by the threads of mussels, the structure of nacre, the adaptability of Nereis Virens' jaw (a sand worm), and the biophotonics of cuttlefish's skin. Furthermore, I will share my particular vision about the next generation of biobased and circular materials, which need to be intrinsically designed for reuse as well as performance.