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Giuseppe Portale started tenure track 'Polymer Physics/Physical Chemistry of Polymer Systems'

16 September 2015

At September 16th, Dr. Giuseppe Portale started as Assistant Porfessor for Polymer Physics/ Physical Chemistry of Polymer Systems at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials. His research will focus on the structure-property characterization of novel polymeric materials for energy applications. Two different fields are of particular interest:

1) ion-conducting polymers and 2) electron-conducting polymers.

1) Novel ion-conducting block-copolymers based on combination of high charge density and high mechanical performance blocks will be designed. Target morphologies will be produced in order to understand the relationship between different morphologies and pion conductivity 2) Phase behavior and thin film structure on block-copolymers of potential use as active layer in organic photovoltaic devices will be studied in detail in order to establish relationship between structure and performances of devices.

Dr. Portale will be talking at the Physics Colloquium of September 24th (16 h, Room 5111.0080 Nijenborgh 4) and provide more insight into his research line(s).

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