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FOM grants 12 million Euro for six new research programmes - Zernike Institute participates in two of them

21 november 2014

The Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) has awarded 12 million Euro to six new research programmes.

All six programmes share high societal relevance and represent areas of physics with a strong reputation on the international level.

Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials participates in two programmes

Researchers from the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials particpate in two of the six programmes. Prof.dr. Justin Ye, chair of the group 'Device Physics of Complex Materials' is particpating in Two-dimensional semiconductor crystals. Prof.dr. Bart van Wees (Physics of Nanodevices) and Prof.dr.Thomas Palstra (Solid State Materials for Electronics) partcipate both in the programme Magnon Spintronics.

More information on the 2014 round of the "FOM free programme" can be found by following the links of the individual programmes (see above) or on the FOM website.

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