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ECHO grant for Wouter Roos

20 December 2018

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO announced the award of a k€260 ECHO grant to Zernike Institute group leader Wouter Roos. Roos, who is heading the Molecular Biophysics group of the institute, will use the award to study self-assembly of a particular sort of viruses. Viruses are one of the most ingenious examples of how complex physical chemistry can lead to beautiful symmetric protein particles. By using advanced touch microscopy techniques and by zooming in onto a specific virus type, the researchers will study how this regularly shaped protein cage is efficiently formed. Next to providing fundamental insights into the formation of these viruses, the results can potentially be used for the development of new antiviral treatments in nanomedicine. For more information please have a look at the official NWO press release or contact Wouter Roos.

Wouter Roos
Wouter Roos
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