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Tamalika Banerjee Nanoscience teacher of the year 2020-2021

06 July 2021
Nanosymposium 2021
Nanosymposium 2021

On June 30th 2021 the 18th edition of the Nanoscience Symposium took place. The symposium in the Bernoulliborg was perfectly organized by the first year Top Master Nanoscience students. The Nanosymposium consists of the oral presentations of the small research projects performed in the second semester. The students and part of the people were present onsite, other interested people and supervisors could join online.

One of the highlights of the Nanoscience Symposium is also to announce the winner of the Teacher of The Year election for the Master Nanoscience.

First, the winner of last year, 2019-2020, dr. Remco Havenith, was invited to receive his certificate and a present, because last year the Nanosymposium was fully organized online due to the covid-pandemic.

Tamalika Banerjee - Nanoscience Teacher of the Year 2020/2021
Tamalika Banerjee - Nanoscience Teacher of the Year 2020/2021

Subsequently the student members of the Programme Committee of Nanoscience were happy to announce that prof. dr. Tamalika Banerjee this year has been elected as Teacher of the Year 2020-2021 for the Master Nanoscience:

To vote for their favorite teachers, we asked our electors to motivate their vote, assessing teachers' didactic skills, organizational skills, how innovative they are, and how they connect to our students not only on an academic level, but also on a personal level.

Deciding each year's winner was never an easy task, sometimes we even held two rounds of elections to break a tie.

This year, however, we were overwhelmed with positive comments, and more than a third of our electors had no doubts about this year's winner.

Without any further ado, the NS teacher of the year award 2021 goes to Prof. Tamalika Banerjee. Congratulations!

Tamalika before we invite you to accept the award, we would like to share some of our electors' messages, who describe you as a Strong, Communicative, Enthusiastic, Engaging, always Encouraging, Passionate, and Inspiring teacher.

Your lectures are always clear, interesting, and fun! You are able to take very difficult topics and turn them into simple, relatable examples. You stimulate critical thinking, help students not only to understand the material, but transmit them your passion, lifts their spirits when needed, and brings out the best in everyone. In a few words, we can only thank you for being our teacher, and we hope you enjoy being part of this program as much as we enjoy being your students.

Again, congratulations!

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