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National Growth Fund awards NanoLabNL €150 million

€ 615 million for nanotech and quantum technology
09 April 2021

On the 9th of april 2021 The Netherlands’ National Growth Fund awarded NanoLabNL with € 150 million to invest in sustaining and expanding the Dutch nanotechnological infrastructure. The grant allows NanoLabNL to invest in facilities, high-tech equipment, research and development at the laboratories in Amsterdam, Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede and Groningen in the next 7 years.

By NanoLabNL

Maintaining and expanding the technological level of the current infrastructure in nanotechnology is essential in realising the Netherlands’ ambition to achieve a leading position in deep-tech industry and quantum-technology.

Zernike NanoLab Groningen
Zernike NanoLab Groningen

Leading role in quantum tech

The NanoLabNL funding is part of a total € 615 million investment fund, granted to Quantum Delta, a consortium of leading professors, scientists, industry, and organizations in quantum technology. The Netherlands has a long track record of innovation in quantum technology and continues to play a leading role in building a world-class European quantum ecosystem. With the € 615 million funding, the quantum industry in the Netherlands projects it will create 30,000 high-tech jobs and have a cumulative economic impact of €5 to 7 billion.

National Growth Fund

The National Growth Fund is an investment fund created by the cabinet of the Netherlands to boost economic growth and maintain prosperity for the foreseeable future. With this grant the independent review commission aknowledged that quantum technologies will have a profound impact on the world and confirmed the Netherlands’ long-term commitment to advancing the technology and the infrastructure needed to do so.

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Last modified:16 April 2021 1.51 p.m.

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