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Remco Havenith Nanoscience Teacher of the Year

08 July 2020
Dr. Remco Havenith
Dr. Remco Havenith

On July 7th 2020 during the (online) Nanosymposium the students of the Topmaster Nanoscience announced the Teacher of the Year 2019-2020 for the Master Nanoscience:

"As every year, the 1st year and 2nd Nanoscience students were asked to elect a professor to be the winner of the Teacher of the Year award.

This professor is known throughout the FSE to possess an uncanny ability to perceive the subject they teach from the point of view of the student.

Whether teaching a master class of 20 people or an introductory lecture with hundreds of first year bachelor students, they can easily adapt to the task at hand and make sure that no one leaves the room with anything less than a thorough understanding of the topic, while imparting a healthy dose of their never-ending enthusiasm.

An expert in their subject, they are able to hold a significantly dense lecture on the basis of a handful of written bullet-points by deriving all the necessary formulas and equations from scratch. In a time when PowerPoint slides are the norm, their desire to stick the blackboard is truly refreshing. This person makes the subject they teach truly seem like a trip to the playground of science.

Remco Havenith in action
Remco Havenith in action

In professor-to-student interactions, they are always open for further discussions even if it sometimes comes at the cost of their personal time or going over the prescribed schedule.

In conclusion, this professor is a respected lecturer, a holder of computer practicals, a supervisor of theses of all levels, a highly valued member of the PC as well as the most loyal customer of Crystal Clear.

Without further Shabam, please give a healthy round of applause tooooo:


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