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Rifka Vlijm joins our team as Assitant Professor Molecular & Cellular Scale Biophysics

02 October 2019
Rifka Vlijm
Rifka Vlijm

As of yesterday, October 1st Rifka Vlijm joined our team as Assistant Professor Molecular & Cellular Scale Biophysics. Rifka is a physicist by training and will mainly work with STED microscopy. STED is one of the techniques of super-resolution microscopy and works by the selective deactivation of fluorophores. In this way, it allows for a resolution of ~30 nm, thus far below the limits of traditional light microscopy (~250 nm). Rifka gained her experience as a postdoc in the labs of STED inventor, 2014 Nobel Laureate Stefan Hell. If you want to learn more: Rifka kicks-off with a special Zernike Colloquium October 10th, 2019 - 16 h in the Lecture Hall of Nijenborgh 4.

Rifka also has an opening for a Ph.D. position, thus if you are interested and have obtained your Masters degree in (bio)physics, nanoscience, (bio)informatics, life sciences or a related area have look at the vacancy

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