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Shirin Faraji receives NWO Vidi grant

04 June 2018

NWO has awarded an EUR 800,000 Vidi grant each to 86 experienced researchers. The Vidi grants are awarded annually by NWO and enables the laureates to conduct five years of research. A respectable nine of these conduct their research at four different faculties at the University of Groningen (UG). The grant will enable the four female and five male researchers to set up their own novel research lines and even a research group.

Prof.dr. Shirin Faraji
Prof.dr. Shirin Faraji

One of the laureates is Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials Professor Shirin Faraji. She will work on the project "Watching chemistry happen with a light". Crucial processes in nature, such as photosynthesis and vitamin D production, depend on molecules reacting to light, with atoms moving very fast inside molecules. Theoreticians, like Prof. Faraji, use equations and computers to simulate, manipulate and design such movements to develop novel materials for optogenetics and solar cells.

Do you have questions or do you want to learn more about the work of Prof. Faraji? Then check her website or get in touch with her directly.

Last modified:04 June 2018 12.38 p.m.

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