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The 2017 Zernike Labretreat - Scientists in a bubble

20 September 2017
Our team in action during the bubble-soccer deathmatch action
Our team in action during the bubble-soccer deathmatch action
In the last year the members of the Zernike Institute performed extremely well: They won prizes, got royal decorations, published groundbreaking results, spoke at conferences, got grants, started as new colleagues, were promoted or - after a long career in science- went for their well- deserved retirement (browse our news section for details). But those who work hard sometimes need a break. And definitely a big thanks. Therefore the Zernike Institute called all its members for the 2017 labretreat. This time not just a dinner, but a dynamic event with scientists in a bubble and asian food on the plate. The organizers were happy to welcome a full house of 200 participants, who made the event in Groningens Stadspark a great experience. Many thanks to all who were there for the creativity during the day, to all members of the institute for your everydays hard work in the lab, and the families at home for their support and understanding.
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