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Work of Bart van Wees’ group featured in Times Higher Education Special “What are the hot research areas that might spark the next big bang?”

25 May 2017

That Bart van Wees is doing quite well at the moment seems obvious from his 2016 Spinoza Award (and related to that a lunch with the King in April).

But also recently, when Times Higher Education (THE) performed a large citation analysis to identify research fronts (clusters of papers around a certain topic), van Wees work came up. THE was searching for clusters that may become hot in the future. In total they identified 60 clusters of which 16 were featured in a special issue. Van Wees work on Magnon spintronics is one of the highlight of the research front “Next Generation Electronics”.

The full Times Higher Education Special can be found here and more information on Magnon Spintronics here.

Last modified:02 June 2017 11.21 a.m.

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